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Have you ever believed that there is a separation story closing with a happy ending? We believed in and we have designed calm "Riviera Living Style" for those who left city life in order for living their new stories. The story takes place in the infinite sky and endless sea panorama in a villa.

Type A-B Villa

You will live the most enjoyable moments in Bodrum within the independent large gardens which are convenient for usage in the four seasons. The most beautiful sunsets in the world will bring unseen touching to the residents of The BO Viera. Our Type A villas that have a living area of 546.90 square meters, giving you peace of mind, are ideal for large families. You will witness the beauties of Bodrum in our Type B villas with a living area of 400.70 square meters whose each detail was prepared in an elaborate way.


The most distinct common feature of the sky and the sea is its unique blue. Well, have you ever shared the blue? Colors, emotions, peace, and even silence are shared in the residence life form built by The BO Viera. The common language used here is the reference to all undefinable feeling.

Type C-D Residence

Specific scenes at The BO Viera at every hour of the day with our residences whose whole have sea view. You will feel yourself in peace inside a natural landscape with Type Cs starting at 341.30 square meters with large garden usage. You will experience kind of a Bosphorus view on your terrace in Type D villas starting at 221.94 square meters thanks to the lights of Gundogan locating on the opposite shore.

Type E-G Residence

A life intertwined with nature through both on the first floor and on the ground floor with the usage of the garden in Type E duplex residences with 328.85 square meters large living area. You will witness Gundogan's view and the peerless scene of Hebil bay thanks to the planning of Type G flat residences with 183.70 square meters usage area, of which each detail was carefully thought, that reflects the unique Bodrum architecture.

Type H Residence

The sun will go down in the scene of your house because of its location in the view of Saint Apostle Island, which faces open sea. You will feel yourself special with its large usage area starting at 219.35 square meters.

Type I Residence

The sun rising in the view of your house with Type I whose whole has the view of Hebil Bay starting at 123.80 square meters will capture your soul.

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