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Have you ever believed that there is a separation story closing with a happy ending? Maybe it sounds strange, but we believed in it and we have designed a calm "Riviera Life Style" for those who left city life in order for living their new stories. The story takes place in the infinite sky and endless sea panorama in the Villa. In brief, the BO Viera hosts not only its architectural design but also the pleasant details of sustainable life in nature even with its thought style.


The most distinct common feature of the sky and the sea is the unique blue. Well, have you ever shared the blue? It could be so hard to believe, but we can share the colors of nature by looking from the same perspective. Moreover, we can do it just through living. Colors, feelings, ambiance, peace, and even silence are shared in the residence life form built by The BO Viera. The common language used here is with reference to all feelings dreamt.

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